Sunday 24 February 2019
Newquay Council Cornwall

Press Releases

Update on the transfer of the Library/Information Service and Marcus Hill Estate

At an extraordinary meeting of the Full Council held on 15th March 2017, Newquay Town Council voted, by a majority 10-3 with one abstention, to agree to the take-over the Library and Information Service from Cornwall Council in return for the freehold transfer of the Marcus Hill site, the Council Offices and Library building according to the set of terms provided by Cornwall Council on 9th March and further amplified at the extraordinary meeting.  At this stage, the vote provides a formal expression of interest on the part of the Town Council until actual contract documents are presented that accord with the terms being offered.  Details of the terms remain confidential at this time; however, a further press release will be issued at the first opportunity with a full explanation of the agreement.


Mayor Cllr Carl Leadbetter stated “This has been a long and difficult process.  Offers have been dangled in front of us only to be subsequently withdrawn and replaced with something materially different. The latest terms are, out of necessity, a compromise and from the vote it is clear that some members remain dissatisfied.  I would have preferred more concessions in favour of the Town Council but we were told we had no more time for discussion; we had to arrive at a decision. On balance, I think the vote produced the right result for the town going forward.”