Friday 19 April 2019
Newquay Council Cornwall

Environment Service


 What we do

  • The Environment Service provides and maintains premises and land owned and managed by the Council.  
  • Maintenance: undertaking planned and reactive maintenance works in order to protect the value of the Council's open spaces and the health and well being of residents and visitors
  • Capital programme: improving Open Spaces with long-term strategic projects
  • Health and safety: ensuring high standards of health and safety are maintained in any work carried out on behalf of the Council
  • Energy and management: protecting the environment and reducing energy wastage by active management and proactive intervention


Key priorities

  • Improve the quality and effectiveness of the Council's property assets by managing property corporately
  • Investigate all alternative procurement routes to improve value for money in construction procurement
  • Put in place a plan to consider the future property needs of the Council and service delivery linked to the potential options for future local governance, local influence and delivery of services
  • To seek continuous improvement in the quality of all areas of property services



Open Spaces Maintenance 

Newquay Town Council currently undertakes enhanced maintenance and upkeep of three key open spaces in Newquay; Killacourt, Eothian and Mount Wise Gardens. These services are augmenting Cornwall Council's services in these areas. This is due to failing standards which no longer meet the expectations of our residents and visitors. In these areas the Open Spaces team provides the following supplementary services;


  • Supplemental Litter and Weed Control.
  • Maintain furniture, benches, etc
  • Hedge trimming
  • Introduction of new planting and flower beds


Outside of these main areas, the Open Spaces team also reacts to areas identified by the public which have been overlooked and are not currently managed privately or by Cornwall Council. This can be anything from recreational areas, footpaths, railings and street furniture around the parish.

You can visit our Facebook page through the link below. If you wish to contact us on any issues relating to Open Spaces please do so through our Facebook page.


Footpath Maintenance 

Outside of the Open Spaces Team Newquay Town Council currently contracts out Footpath Maintenance for a select number of paths in Newquay. This is carried out under the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP) Scheme with Cornwall Council. Please find below a link to the schedule of Footpaths cut by Newquay Town Council. Any queries regarding the maintenance of the footpath itself should still be directed to Cornwall Council.

Footpath Maintenance Schedule


Weed Control 

Additionally Newquay Town Council also contracts out Weed Control on certain Highways within Newquay. Please find below the areas and streets covered under the contract. 

Weed Control Schedule


If you wish to report a footpath or highway listed in either of the schedules above please contact us on 01637 878388 or by Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Land and property ownership queries

We can inform you if land belongs to the Council.

Please contact the Town Clerk's Office to determine if land is owned by the Council.



Land Registry are also able to provide information about land ownership.