Friday 19 April 2019
Newquay Council Cornwall

Town Clerk's Office

The Town Clerk's Office covers a vast range of services which are mainly focused on the administration and management of the Council, it's staff, resources and services. 

A summary of the services dealt with under this directorate is as followed: 

  • Finance – including the core finance function, internal audit, Financial Regulations and insurance as well as Grant Requests and administration

  • Legal – including Standing Orders,Notice of Electors Rights and core legal advice and support for the Council.

  • Democratic – management and co-ordination of the Council’s formal decision making process and member support.

  • Human Resources - management of staff, vacancies and recruitment

  • Information – including the Council's information communication and technology systems, press and PR, Data ProtectionFreedom of Information requests and general enquiries from members of the public

  • Procurement – a central function which coordinates and supports the Council in its commissioning and procurement activities as well as managing contractors and tenders
  • Property - management and bookings/hire of Town Council properties and open spaces as well as asset management including health and safety


This is the Staff Structure of the Town Clerk's Directorate.

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