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Tuesday 13 February 2018



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12 March 2018













Package of Works – Bench Replacements


Newquay Town Council is investigating the refurbishment and maintenance of street furniture, within the Parish. This package focuses primarily on benches which have fallen in to disrepair.

Specification of works:

Preliminaries (list not exhaustive)

·         Arrange and cost out any necessary permissions from Cornwall Council to work on the footpath/highways where applicable.

·         To undertake a Risk Assessment and Site Survey prior to starting works.

·         Provide documents for; training certification for employees working on site, health & safety documentation (risk assessments & method statements), proof of insurance, and certification for all equipment which will be used on site and why it will be used.

·         Undertake a site visit and examine the requirements of the works before submitting a quotation.

 To assess each site and provide quotations for the following;


  1. To completely remove existing timber and replace with like for like wood cut to the same specification and treated with hardwood stain (preferably Teak colour). Remove and replace any necessary fittings with stainless steel (e.g screws, bolts) and ensure new timber is securely fixed to existing frame. If the bench is a memorial bench, the plaque needs to be cleaned with a suitable chemical and affixed to the new timber in the same location as previous.


  1. Assess the existing frame and provide costs for its re-instatement. If frame is metal, costs should include grinding back to metal, repainting with one coat of anti-rust primer and two coats of Black metal paint (e.g. Hammerite). Where the bench is a memorial bench, any Gold lettering/numbering must also be re-instated.

If frame is concrete, costs should include preparing surface for painting, one coat of primer and two coats of Black masonry paint.



 Quote should outline in detail (list not exhaustive);

·         Quotations for individual sites will be still be accepted.

·         What materials are to be used i.e. primer, paint etc and why (how will these meet the specification)

·         How will the work be undertaken i.e. how many employees, what equipment/tools will be used and why

·         What is the estimated time frame for completion and start date. (within 1 week)

·         The cost of the works outlined including labour, materials, Health & safety requirements, plant, materials, tool maintenance, fuel and transport and all other things necessary for the work to be undertaken.   

·         Estimation on the longevity of the materials used and timescales on when maintenance will again be required (i.e. 3 years)



Each bench will be graded from 1 – 3 in terms of its state of disrepair. 1 being total disrepair, 3 being minor disrepair. Site photos are provided in the appendices.

 The closing date for completed applications to be received is 12 Noon on Wednesday 12 March 2018



Package of Works Specification